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DCG Handel

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The name DCG stands for Dolomies, Calcaire, Grès, three important types of stone from the Belgian quarries.

Thanks to its many years of experience, DCG has grown into a fixed value as a supplier of hydraulic engineering stone, semi-paving, colored materials and crushed stone for the Belgian market.

We have also been supplying minerals for industrial applications for several years now.

DCG ahead in raw materials!

We contribute to solutions for a better infrastructure!

Ground and road works, hydraulic engineering, concrete or industrial applications: whatever sector you are active in, you as a customer are confronted with various contemporary challenges.

We look for the right materials for you with the logistics formulas, depending on your application. We make the difference with transparent agreements and an impeccable service.

DCG is looking for innovative solutions that can provide an answer to today’s issues.

Circular products that are sustainable and environmentally friendly, we distinguish ourselves with our knowledge and craftsmanship. Thanks to a dose of creativity, we see possibilities, where we create ideas together with you for a more beautiful, safer and more colorful world.

Together we think further!




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